In the interest of honesty, this is not going to be a completely accurate food diary. This afternoon we made an Upsherin for H. This is a 3 rd birthday party where boys traditionally have their first haircut.  There is a possuk (verse) which compares a man to a tree of the field. There is also the mitzvah (commandment) of orlah, where the fruit of a tree is not permitted for the first three years. So a custom has arisen of putting the two together into the Upsherin. When a child is three they start to be old enough to start learning about Torah and mitzvah and so this is a celebration of this. It is also a nice excuse for a party! 

I was on track in the morning beforehand. Breakfast was weetabix and almond milk, some carrots and watermelon in the morning when preparing for the party. Lunch was a tuna, cucumber, wholemeal pita.

Then I just didn’t pay close attention to exactly what I had at the party. I had some fruit and crudites, but also had a peanut butter cookie, and a chocolate chip one, and chocolate rice krispies, and birthday cake, and a few crisps. Oh, and some crackers and rice cakes with tuna and egg.

And now I’ll continue with my healthy eating. If this week I gain weight then that will be understandable but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. It was a lovely occasion with family and friends. The sun shone, the children behaved really well, and H now looks so much older. And that was the point of the afternoon.