Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Snack – Clementine

Lunch – chips with salt and vinegar, and baked beans (two portions of chips – McCain’s 5% oven chips)

Smooze, 5 snackers crackers, 4/5 new potatoes

Supper – leftovers – chicken breast, couscous, pickles. Watermelon and grapes.

Lunch was a bit unusual, I thought I was catering for more children than just mine and then I wasn’t but the chips were made.  According to a wise source chips aren’t actually so unhealthy. A good source of vitamin C… You know who you are… Even so, not a vegetable in sight at lunch time.

I’ve been thinking about small ways that I try to make it easier to lose weight and eat more healthily. I try to do things that mean that it is easier to have the right thing than the wrong thing, but in ways that mean that I almost don’t realise I’m doing it. I’d love to pick up others easy tricks, please comment below.

1. Rearranged my kitchen

I have two size milky plates. One is significantly larger than the other. It used to be that the larger ones were on the bottom shelf (and therefore easier to reach) and the smaller ones on the shelf above (which I can’t reach without a step, I am very short!) After struggling to reach the smaller plates for some time I swapped them around. Now it is easier to reach the smaller plates and I automatically take them when I need a plate. Hey presto, smaller portion sizes!

2. Buy convenience foods

Fruits that are very time consuming to cut up (e.g. mango, pineapple, pomegranate) I will often buy preprepared. Because they are so expensive I see them as a treat, which when I am looking to nosh gives both the sweet hit and the psychological treat of something a bit dearer.

3. From freezer to microwave to plate

Bags of frozen veg and a good quality microwave bowl are absolutely indispensable to me. No prep, minimal washing up. I try to have in my freezer green beans, sliced carrots, mushrooms, butternut squash, courgettes, peppers. They are also brilliant for stir fries, slow cooking, omelettes, basically anything you can throw vegetables into.

4. Tins/Jars

Another easy way to have instant vegetables. Some tinned veg is just not delicious but lots are, and they are usually fairly inexpensive. Those with ring pulls are even better. In one phase I was obsessed with green giant baby corns (not cheap at all!) But very convenient to have a tin, pull the ring pull, drain it out and eat.  Currently Mrs Elswood Burger Gherkins are my go to vegetable.

5. Buy treats I don’t like

When the kids need treats, I try to buy thing I don’t like (e.g. Strawberry flavoured biscuits, sweets etc) then it isn’t a challenge

6. Make little swaps that I don’t care about

I’m not a hot drinks person, so the only milk I have is in my cereal in the morning. I’ve switched from full fat to almond milk. On Slimming World the full fat was permitted, but now I figure, why waste the calories? I’m sure it isn’t a huge difference daily but cumulatively it must add up tiny increments.

7. Eat the same things

In general my menu isn’t very varied, so I only have to make a mental choice between a couple of options. It means I don’t have to think too hard.

That’s my general tack, try not to think too hard about it. What’s your tricks to make it easier for you?