I didn’t want to post my weigh in this week.

I gained 2 3/4lbs. Total weight loss 7 1/4lbs. Which is totally unsurprising. I know I have lost some of the weight I gained over the weekend but not all of it from my daily weigh ins.

It’s depressing that having a couple of days over indulging can have such a huge effect that takes so long to fix. There are always events to derail me and I don’t have the strength to keep totally on track at celebrations. But then it takes a fortnight or longer to fix. Next week we are going away for a week, and then a month or so after that it will be Rosh Hashanah and Sukkos. Up down up down up down go the scales.
I’m not really feeling so down, I’m going to carry on, but this is just the pattern of how life is. How to lose weight when life gets in the way?