Breakfast 2 weetabix and almond milk

Lunch – I was really really hungry for lunch, maybe because I had to pack for going away tomorrow. I hate packing.

I tried to finish off the contents of the fridge, so Turkey slices, green beans and carrots, an alpro yoghurt, watermelon, prunes

 Afternoon snacks – prunes (anyone else love prunes, the sweetness and the texture…)
Half a tub of cottage cheese

Supper – pitta with Turkey slices and pickles

I bought so much food today! Lots of shlepping heavy bags, maybe that counts as exercise? Where we are going has no kosher shops, so we need to take with most of our food. I did buy some nosh for the children and a few treats for the adults too but I didn’t go overboard and I was very conscious of the fact that I only needed to have self control during this shopping trip and then for the next week, I’ll only have what I’ve bought.