Wish you were here? We’re having a great time in Margate. I am fairly exhausted but happy. Shabbos was a little uncontrolled on the biscuit stakes but in general was ok. I’m a bit too tired to log everything now but I don’t want to just ignore the blog.

Today (Sunday)

Breakfast – weetabix and almond milk and prunes and banana

Morning snack – plain yoghurt

Lunch was a little annoying as I cracked a tooth, and given that it is a bank holiday weekend, it is impossible to see a dentist until Tuesday (anyone know one who would see me?) Before I cracked my mouth I had ryvita, tuna, smoked salmon, carrots, then after some more salmon and tuna, and a banana.

Supper – rosy chicken, potatoes, carrot and butternut squash.

Exercise- lots of walking on the beach

I want to reflect but I’m falling asleep writing this so I’ll just post it.

Thanks all