Breakfast – weetabix and almond milk

Lunch – corn thins, red Leicester, lettuce

Snacks – a small ice cream (the kind with two biscuits and vanilla ice cream sandwiched between, approx 150 kcal)

Prunes, a tub of cottage cheese, banana, Clementine

Tub of mango

Supper – spinach, mushrooms, pickles, salmon. Two tiny pieces of salted caramel fudge (which we estimated are probably about 50kcal each!)

I feel I made some really good good choices today. Lunch was hard because I had planned to have carrots with lunch but because of my cracked tooth I didn’t want to have anything so crunchy, but I did my best with a picnic lunch on the beach.

My parents have joined us on some of our time away which is really lovely. This evening I popped to Morrisons to but salmon for supper. I was definitely hungry by the time I went shopping (as not recommended by everyone!) I got lots of fruit but also bought a bag of kettle chips with the intention of eating them on the way back to the house. I decided to check the calories first though, just out of interest.

I was actually quite stunned that this little bag of crisps would be 154 kcal! On second thoughts I decided to check the calories on the tubs of mango chunks I’d bought.

It turned out that the whole tub of mango was about the same as the crisps.  It would also be about the same as a nkd bar (which were also in the car with me).  I made the right choice and had the mango. It was sweet. It was juicy. It was filling. It was the right decision. 

The house we’re staying in while we are away is a classic Victorian town house. There are a LOT of stairs. I’m doing exercise all the time going up and down them, and walking on the sand is also much harder than on regular ground. I also spent a lot of time digging a rather impressive moat for a sandcastle. This was a surprising good workout for the arms! Unfortunately my co-builder (R) decided to squash the whole thing before I had a chance to photograph it, but it was all good fun.

This evening we watched the sun setting over the sea. It was simply beautiful. How fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful world. Boruch Hashem.