I can’t believe I’m on day 62 of this blog. That sounds like quite a long time, two months I suppose. There’s no weigh in tomorrow as I didn’t bring my scales with me to Margate (I did momentarily consider it though). We’ve had another lovely day of playing in the sand, paddling in the sea and visiting the excellent Turner Contemporary Gallery (which was very child friendly). Lots of walking and lots of laughter. There’s a thought in the back of my mind that this time next week the kids will be back at school and it will be all rushing and stressing, but it seems so hard to believe when the sea is outside my window and the sun is shining.

Onto the food!

Breakfast – weetabix and almond milk and plain yoghurt with sweetener

Morning snack – a few crisps which a child didn’t want, two flatbreads that I’d have forgotten if I hadn’t taken a photo.

Lunch I was particularly proud of. I left jacket potatoes cooking when we went out in the morning and so they were cooked on our return from the Turner.

Potato, cottage cheese, baked beans, spinach, mushrooms, pickles plus a few more pickles than this picture.

Afternoon snack – a small piece of dried mango, two tiny pieces of fudge

Supper – chicken sandwich superbly made by Lovely Husband, wholemeal bread, hummus, chicken, lettuce, carrot

Afterwards snack – banana. I bought some orange squash from Morrisons (I usually buy Sainsbury’s) and it has given me a horrible after taste all evening. I had the banana to take away the taste and then a sprite zero. 
I think this was a good day. Well done me! On reflection, I think my nose might be a little sunburnt. C’est la vie.