Breakfast- weetabix and almond milk and strawberry yoghurt

Morning snacks- ice cream sandwich

While making picnic lunch – Turkey slices and mango

Lunch at viking play ground in Margate- sandwich, wholemeal bread, hummus, Turkey slices, pickles, lettuce

Afternoon snacks – ice cream cone (cornetto style), prunes, banana

Supper – couscous, sweetcorn, salmon, mozzarella, spinach, cucumber

Writing this food diary blog is so motivating. As when I consider having something I aught not to, I start drafting how to explain it on her, and then I realise I don’t want to be writing a blog full of excuses.  I had the ice cream in the morning because I was feeling a bit wound up by complaining children. It’s a stupid reason but there you go. In contrast, we were all having one this afternoon as a holiday treat. Totally different situation, and a much better reason.

As well as the playground, we went to the shell grotto, which is highly recommended, and then made our own shell pictures afterwards. 

The Grotto was decorated with 4.6 million shells and discovered in 1835. It was inspiring to see a task which must have taken so long, and been so labour intensive but which resulted in such an incredibly beautiful structure. No-one knows its origins and to think that whoever created it gets no credit for it at all. It’s something to think about.

Margate is really a lovely place to holiday (especially when the weather is so beautiful).