Yesterday was a really lovely day with the family. Food wise it all went a bit wrong though. We went out to go on a seal watching tour from Ramsgate (Rib Request with Captain Stu). Highly recommended, really fun taking high speed turns and amazing seeing seals in their natural habitat.  Great commentary and very child friendly.

I had had a healthy breakfast of weetabix. I had had to have full fat milk as the almond milk had finished and we were going home the next day.

Unfortunately I forgot the sandwiches for lunch. Oh dear. Fortunately all was not lost as I had brought with some crackers, rice cakes, raisins, nkd bits. So we didn’t starve but it wasn’t exactly what had planned and it wasn’t very filling.

At about 3.30pm when we got back I did eventually have my sandwich (wholemeal bread, cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber).

And then we all had ice creams, so I had one too.

And then H who had just been woken up from a nap didn’t want his, so I finished his.

Later on I had some kiwi and banana, a vanilla yoghurt. But because I ate my sandwich so late, I wasn’t really hungry for supper at supper time, and we were busy trying to get children into bed, and pack to go home. Fairly late at night (maybe 10.30-11?) while we were packing up I cracked open a huge bag of popcorners which hadn’t been started and probably ate about 4/5th of it (about 500 kcal), then finished off the last two digestive biscuits, then a banana, then to make it all a bit healthier, some turkey slices.

Not the best day food wise, but in terms of family time we were all happy, and had a great day.  As I recently read on Chana Jenny Weisberg’s blog, “Real life is about navigating the conflict between priorities vs. priorities. Values vs. values”.