Friday was so hectic with travelling back home and then getting ready for Shabbos at home that I was a little lax and I don’t exactly remember everything I had.  Here’s what I can remember.

Breakfast – oatibix and full fat milk, perhaps a banana?

Snacks in the car – nkd bar

Lunch – sandwich, wholemeal pita I think I had tuna and pickles in it. 

Afternoon snacks – a few mini chocolate bars which I discovered when unpacking food, a couple of biscuits, maybe a clementine? Or a banana, I don’t really remember.

Supper – Challa, chicken, new potatoes, boiled carrots

I don’t really remember Friday properly. I ate some junk to be sure. 😦

Today – Shabbos

Breakfast – grape juice, weetabix, coconut rice milk (No almond milk and it was only 20kcal per 100ml) tbh the milk have it a slightly weird taste. Then I had a few rice crispies with the kids and while putting together their shabbos party picked on two fruit shortie biscuits (aka squashed fly biscuits), a few crisps, a couple of prunes

Kiddush at shul – a friend made a bar mitzvah this week and there was a lavish kiddush. There were these beautiful miniature petit fours, I made a conscious decision that I was going to try them as they looked amazing. I had a lemon meringue pie, a meringue sandwich (macaron?), chocolate pie each less than an inch in diameter, and what I thought was going to be a mini chocolate swiss roll but was actually mousse. All were completely worth it and delicious. But after that I actually felt a bit sick from the richness. I couldn’t quite believe that such a tiny amount of dessert could make me feel sick. Growing up, I never understood people who said they had eaten so much that they felt sick. What has happened to me?!

Lunch – Challa, chicken, couscous, spinach, sweetcorn

In the afternoon I went over to a friend who I know is very keen to see how I write up the afternoon! She will be known as Lily, although that is not her real name. She is a very supportive friend to me in my attempts at losing weight (even though she is very slim herself but will argue that she is not).  Compared to me, she is very slim anyway and she cannot possibly argue that!

Shalosh seudos – Challa, mixed baby leaves, chicken, delicious home made hummus and phenomenal salad with green beans, mangetout, sesame seeds and garlic dressing. Lily please share the recipe in the comments! It was so yum I even had seconds. There was a bit of mayo in the dressing but it was mostly veg. I also had a tiny taste (less than a spoonful) of chocolate mousse also. 

Having recapped the food I’m not sure whether I feel like that on reflection it wasn’t so bad, or whether I need to stop all this junk and buckle down more seriously.

At Lily’s house there was also another guest there who by profession is a personal trainer. It got me thinking about exercising and I’d love to have personal trainer sessions. I imagine it being like on the Extreme Weightloss shows with a female version of Chris Powell encouraging you every step of the way and not letting you give up when you want to. But it is so expensive! I’m really looking forward to the children going back to school next week from the perspective of being able to get into a good routine of exercising more regularly again. I’d ideally like to fit in something every morning when I’ve finished the school run, although I haven’t decided whether joining the gym near school, or working out at home would be better. I’d like to work on some strength training as well as cardio stuff. I’m not really sure where to start though. Google and YouTube are sure to be a help!  I’m open to suggestions and recommendations, but I don’t want to spend a fortune.  Probably it would be best to have some kind of structure to what I’m doing otherwise other things will get in the way. R&M start school on Monday, but H doesn’t start until the week after, and then only half days for a week and then maybe maybe if the nursery agrees, full days. Nearly there!