I find that reading other people’s stories and blogs to be really inspiring. I was just came across Bets’s blog. She has lost a fantastic amount and become an avid runner. I love seeing that real people have actually done what I need to do and what I’m trying to do. It makes this far off goal seem achievable.

As such, I just did this no equipment workout before bed. I only did one circuit of it, and a bottle of floor cleaner served as my weight! I’m glad i did because although when we were away I wss certainly active with all the walking and stairs, it wasn’t intentional exercise if that makes sense.

Today’s food –

Breakfast – I was waiting for my Tesco delivery with almond milk but then I wss so hungry I decided I would just eat. I had a plain yoghurt with sweetener and then porridge with full fat milk. I have now got more almond milk though so tomorrow will be more normal.

Lunch was at my parents as a celebration of my Grandma’s 96th birthday. My Mum had made such an effort to give lots of healthy options. Quiche, salads, broccoli, roasted veg, dressing on the side

 I had a small piece of cake and a biscuit also.

When giving the kids supper, I ate a few chicken nuggets that were going spare, I think 6. 

Supper – pitta filled with a mince meat concoction – beef, onion, rice vinegar, ginger, sesame seeds, sesame oil (just a few drops), sweetener. Twas yum.

A non scale progress point, I wore my rings today. I haven’t worn them regularly since I was pregnant with R over 9 years ago. My fingers were so swollen or maybe just fat. I decided to risk it today and they didn’t exactly slide easily on and off but I was able to get them off at the end of the day. I hope to be able to get back into wearing them daily again. Hurrah!