R&M are back at school. Just H at home with me until next Monday when he starts too! I can’t wait! 

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk (I don’t even have to write it, predictive text suggests the whole sentence!)

Rosh Hashanah is coming up and so H and I made a honey cake according to my Grandma’s recipe.

I did try a little bit of the mixture but really a small amount, and then some of the cake that stuck to the tin.

My lunch was really awesome. I made toast for H and I but then didn’t actually want it. Instead I had a salad that the photo doesn’t really do justice to. Spinach, cottage cheese, mozzarella, fried eggs, sunflower seeds, pine nuts. It was really brilliant. I really fancied eggs and this all worked so well together.

I can remember being at a slimming world meeting a year or two ago saying how I didn’t like salads. I just didn’t see them as proper food that filled you, and also required too much effort. Also they included lettuce, tomato and cucumber, the vegetables I really don’t like much on their own.  When I make the sort of meal I had today, I tend to start off with a particular element I particularly want to eat (e.g. Cottage cheese and egg) and obviously I’d have put them on two slices of toast. Instead, it is like a challenge to fill up the plate with as many vegetables as possible while still having that element. Also adding interesting tastes like seeds or fruit makes it all so delicious. 

I don’t feel weighed down after the meal like I would after the bread based meal. I feel not hungry, not stuffed. I’m trying to find the word, perhaps “satisfied”? Perhaps that’s why the possuk (verse) in the Torah says “you will eat and be satisfied and you will bless the L-rd”, we aren’t supposed to eat until we are uncomfortably full, we are supposed to be satisfied and then stop, and that’s the point of holiness of eating. Eating the right things, in the right quantities, at the right times, and recognising where it comes from.

Afternoon snacks – while kids having supper, salmon, a few pieces of pasta and boiled carrot.


Salmon, spinach, avocado, carrots. 

I’ve had such delicious food today. I am so fortunate. 

I hope they will translate into a good weight loss!