Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snacks – half a banana left by one of the kids

Lunch – potato, cottage cheese, pickles, then more cottage cheese and pickles

Afternoon snacks – banana, a slightly failed poached egg (for M’s supper, failed in that sense that about half the egg got lost in the water), Turkey slices (while cooking supper)

Supper – couscous and chicken korma. This was so so delicious. I used this recipe as inspiration but this is approximately what I did, and it was so good. My house smelt amazing and it was just so fab, used up leftover chicken and was brilliant. I didn’t have all the spices in the recipe but that didn’t matter, it worked with what I had.

Chicken korma recipe approximately as I made it


2 onions

2 leftover roast chicken breasts

Curry powder



Garlic powder




Mixed spice

Ground almonds


Alpro coconut milk



Frozen cauliflower


Chop up onion very small (essentially mince it). In a wok fry on spray oil until softened. Then add all the spices and a bit of water to stop it burning. Add cauliflower and lots of coconut milk. Chop up the chicken into smallish chunks and then sprinkle flour to thicken. Go off and do a child’s bedtime, come back and stir it well so the bottom isn’t burnt. 

I realise this isn’t the most precise method, but it is a good reflection of how I made it. It seems a very forgiving recipe and I think I managed to lighten it up a little bit from the original and it was still delicious. I think you get the idea how much I enjoyed this meal!