Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Lunch – sushi, clementine

Afternoon snacks

After the cable car H shared his treat with me (kosher KitKat) I had this teeny piece and glad I did because now I feel no desire for the rest. Really not that great. Which is good because they were on special offer and I bought 10 of them.

On train on way back from outing – nkd bar

Just before collecting kids – sushi, two crackers

During kids supper a fish finger

Supper (from the freezer) – meatballs, mixed summer veg (my favoriteTescos frozen veg selection! Babycorn, mangetout, carrots)

H doesn’t start nursery until next Monday so in between dropping R&M at school (horribly late due to unexplained traffic) and collecting them, I took him into London today. We got the train to Embankment, then got a boat to Greenwich, went in the cable car over the Thames, then did the journey in reverse. It was a really good outing that worked well (maybe because only one child with me instead of three it almost seemed easy?)

View of Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast

View of the cable cars from the boat.

I bought myself the treat of sushi for my lunch, and then it was half price when I got to the till (yesterday’s sushi I guess! I’m not sure how calorific sushi is, but I still feel like it was real food. I do feel I ate more today than on previous days but still good choices.

On the boat I saw something I wanted to comment on because it bothered me and I want to get my thoughts straight on it.

The boat we went on is part of tfl, so it is a kind of river bus.  There were definitely lots of tourists on it too, but I reckon it is also used by commuters.  One lady clearly felt very at home, and was doing various exercises in the middle of the boat. I first noticed her because she was right in front of me and I realised she was sitting but not sitting on a chair, just had her back to the wall and her legs in a sitting position as though there was a chair. I thought this was very cool. Why not use your journey to do a bit of exercise? But then once she’s held that pose for a while, she started doing a sort of 45° press up for 15 reps (I couldn’t help but count, she was right in front of me), then another exercise (legs in front of her, lowered herself up and down with her arms on a seat behind her), then she moved to another bit of the boat.
She didn’t actually seem to be doing this to show off or be obnoxious. She seemed to be just getting on with it.

But I found it really obnoxious. She was clearly very strong, and confident in her strength, but really, was it the place for her to do that? Do you have to rub your high level of fitness in everyone else’s face like that? Can’t we just enjoy the sights without feeling like we should be doing press ups? Or is it just me?  Maybe I’m not expressing it very well.

I feel a little twang of this when I see runners running in the street but that is more a feeling of intimidated because I know I can’t do that. But vecause running is obviously something you need to have a big space to do it in, and that really means streets in London, so I can get over it. But I felt like, couldn’t she do this circuit somewhere else? In a gym, in a park, in her home, even on a quiet street, but on a boat on the Thames? It just seemed odd to me. I didn’t feel intimidated. I didn’t feel like I felt like a worse person in comparison. In fact, I almost wanted to tell her how impressed I was with what she could do what she could do. I just didn’t think it was the place for it.

What do you think of public displays of fitness?