My holidays started today! At 8.45 this morning H started nursery, at the same school as R&M, and I was free! Free to do whatever my heart desired!

I had a particularly fun morning including such activities as going to the dentist and taking some clothes to be fixed. But honestly, it was lovely having the time without children.

The morning was a little rushed, as everyone woke up late and I only had time to eat half my porridge (as it was too hot) before we left. I also had a banana to keep me going.

On my return from the school run I had the other half (now cold), then a yoghurt with sweetener.

I knew that after the dentist I wouldn’t be able to eat for a while. So I had my lunch quite late. Sweet potato, parev cream cheese, onion, grated light cheddar

Afternoon snack, I was so hungry! I had an avocado and some grapes

Supper – quinoa, chicken, tomato, onion, sweetcorn

I’m out of salad leaves, I must buy some more because I’m very conscious that I’m not having enough veg.  Or fruit for that matter. This needs to change.

I’m hoping to investigate the gym near my children’s school some time soon. I can’t get to my Zumba tomorrow because H not doing full day until next week, but I hope to fit in some sort of exercise tomorrow.