Your prize for getting the previous question correct is the following joke.

There were two cows in a field, Daisy and Molly. Daisy turned to Molly and said, “Moooooooo.” Molly said, “Oh! I was going to say that.”

Boom boom. I will not inflict my terrible jokes on you again! But this is one I first heard, Oh my goodness, 20 years ago, and my best friend A and I have laughed about it ever since.

So, to continue my food diary.

Afternoon snack – cola jubbly (it was 30°C today! Yikes!)

There was a curriculum evening at school so I had an early supper. Unfortunately I burned the vegetables and undercooked the potatoes, but the sausages were stunning so they made up for it. The amount of oil that came off them when cooking them was vile though.

(Cumberland Sausages, roasted beetroot, peppers, courgette, boiled potatoes)

And then just lots of water, and a beautiful sunset on the way back to school.