This wonderful feeling? Who will tie it up in a ribbon and put it in a box for me? ”

A song for every occasion! (Name the song, musical and composer below for extra points)

After my usual porridge with almond milk for breakfast and then doing the school run, I met up with a friend and we went for a half hour walk round a park, and then a half hour chat on a bench! It was good to catch up and to do so in an active way as opposed to over hot chocolate and cake.

I then made myself a super healthy lunch, ribbons of courgette and carrot stir fried in a bit of soy sauce, with some feta cheese.  

How good does this look? It had a really good texture, with a slight crunch to the carrots. And a nice tang from the cheese and soy sauce.

This is how I want to lose weight. By enjoying what I’m doing.

I want to bottle how I feel now. I feel really positive about actually achieving my weight loss goals. I was visualising being able to invite all of you to a big party to celebrate me being a healthy weight. I’ve still got such a long way to go, but today I feel like it is achievable.

I will update the rest of my food later but I wanted to capture how I am feeling right now.