The difference between having children home on Erev Shabbos and not is like black and white! Having had them out at school all week, I’m looking forward to spending Shabbos and Sunday with them. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.  I was thinking about the posuk, “6 days you shall work and on the 7th rest”, the point is, yes we rest on Shabbos (in some sense) but we have to have worked for six days first. There has to be the contrast between Shabbos and the week for it to be Shabbos.

Breakfast -porridge and almond milk

Morning snacks – plain yoghurt and sweetener, very small piece of a cereal bar

Some of peppers, onion and beetroot which are meant for Shabbos!

H was finishing at 12.45, and with this new routine, lunch didn’t really happen. I did eat a lot of beetroot but it wasn’t a meal. Usually I am particular to make sure I have lunch on Friday otherwise with all the preparations to do, it can get missed out. That’s what happened today.

Afternoon snacks, 


Cereal bar (two), interestingly the chocolate flavour is slightly more nutritious than the honey flavour, higher fibre and lower sugar. But still not a great choice.

I feel like you all see a lot of the inside of my car.

I then amply sampled the meat for tonight (very good)

And a parsnip

And finished off a bit of a child’s cake (it was not this picturesque)

And then has a banana.

Shabbos plan


Bought wholemeal Challa, beef in whiskey with onions, carrots, mushrooms, parsnips


Breakfast, grape juice, weetabix and almond milk, Sharon fruit or yoghurt. NO CHILDREN’S NOSH OR RUBBISH CEREAL

Lunch – Challa, haddock, chicken, lockshen, roasted beetrootand peppers, mixed baby leaves, cupcake and sensible sized portion of ice cream

Shalosh seudos – matza, salad, haddock.

Really glad to have a plan written down. It will help no end, I’m sure. I liked the number I saw on the scale this morning and I don’t want it to go higher over shabbos.

Good shabbos all