​Having made a plan for what I was going to eat on Shabbos was so helpful. Mentally I felt like I was going through my list and ticking it off throughout the day. And my warning to myself to not eat any nosh stood out in my head. Did I really want to have to come back on here and admit to having had things I said so emphatically I wasn’t going to have? No I didn’t.  So here was my plan, with comments and additions….

Tonight (Friday night)

Bought wholemeal Challa, beef in whiskey with onions, carrots, mushrooms, parsnips – I had exactly as planned. I probably didn’t need seconds of the beef but it was very tasty and because I hadn’t eaten properly during the day, I had seconds

Tomorrow (Shabbos day)

Breakfast, grape juice, weetabix and almond milk, Sharon fruit or yoghurt. NO CHILDREN’S NOSH OR RUBBISH CEREAL –this went exactly as planned. I cut myself up a sharon fruit. Having made this proclamation, I felt far more committed not to pick at this and that.

Lunch – Challa, haddock, chicken, lockshen, roasted beetrootand peppers, mixed baby leaves, cupcake and sensible sized portion of ice cream – as planned except no baby leaves. With regard to dessert, I was thinking, do I really need to have dessert. But I knew I’d planned to have it and I also knew that if I didn’t have it, later on I’d feel like I could have other things “because I didn’t have dessert”.

We went round to friends and she had dessert still out on the table, cake, biscuits, fruit, dried fruit, Sunflower seeds. I had some pineapple and a phenomenal dried banana (They were whole bananas, chewy and delicious, like banana cake). 

Shalosh seudos – matza, salad, haddock – I had matza and salad leaves but with hummus and chicken instead of haddock. I also had another cupcake.
Melava malka (after shabbos) – a vegetarian kofta with a little ketchup.

I’m pleased with how the day went. I feel I was in control but still had enjoyable special Shabbos food. I think that the difficulty this week was in not having seconds. I didn’t need to have them but because the serving plates were on the table and it was all yummy. But I didn’t have huge quantities and the treats were very limited quantity. Go me!