Breakfast -porridge and almond milk

Morning snack – cereal bar (Not great choice)

Lunch – delicious Challa eggy bread (made by Lovely Husband!) With baby leaves and sweetcorn. Followed by watermelon. I only ate about half the watermelon because it had begun to turn.

Afternoon snack – Apple cake. My parents have an apple tree and this was the first cake of the season. And very delicious it was too. My compliments to the most excellent chef.

Supper – hot dog, spaghetti (plus a bit more than pictured) baked beans

After supper and doing the kids’ bedtimes I did this boxercise video off youTube.  Oh. My. Word. It was so hard! At about 5 minutes in there was this plank exercise that I simply couldn’t do. It caused me pain (not in a good way).  I considered stopping at that point and differing something easier, but I persevered, sometimes substituting easier moves but often trying to keep up.  Something I liked about it was there was a timer in the corner of the screen so you knew how long was left and how long you’d done it for. Also their banter between them was encouraging and you almost felt part of the group somehow, maybe that sounds silly?  Anyway, I did it. I was drenched by the end and once I sat down in the armchair I think it took me another 45 minutes until I got up again, but I did it, and tomorrow H goes to nursery for the full day at last. 8.45-3.15pm! My meal choices tomorrow will hopefully be a lot better than today. 
Thanks for all your likes and comments. I appreciate them so much. They really keep me motivated.