Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

H had his first full day of nursery today! At 8.45 am I had over 6 and a half hours of freedom ahead of me until I had to collect him at 3.20pm! Woowoowoo!

So, after a very long trip to the dentist for the next installment (literally) in my cracked tooth saga, followed by a trip to another dental facility where I had my crown colour matched (who knew?) I found that I was very near Oxhey Sculpture Trail

So on a whim I stopped in. The Oxhey Woods have the trails, an easy access 1km, then a short one 3km and long one 4km. On the trail there are wood carved sculptures dotted around the woods. I had a brisk 15 minute or so walk around the 1km trail before heading back home.

Since I’d not been able to eat after the dentist, it was quite late when I sat down to lunch and I wanted to eat huge amounts. You can tell when I use the big blue plates instead of the smaller white plates.

Two courgettes in ribbons, feta cheese, sweetcorn

Afternoon snack – banana

Supper – half jacket potato with tuna, mozzarella, pickles and salad

My legs are really sore from yesterday’s workout still. That’s got to be a good sign, right? Tomorrow I’m really hoping to get back to my aerobics class that I haven’t been to since the beginning of the summer.

Courtney was saying that it is 15 weeks until the end of the year. I’m only a little bit left to get under this stone bracket. If I were to lose 1 lb each week, I’d be in the next stone bracket below that in the January. That would be incredible. I would almost definitely see a change in my clothes by then, and could potentially buy a smaller sized wardrobe in the January sales….
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