I think I was extra hungry yesterday because I didn’t have porridge for breakfast… So today I went back to my porridge with almond milk.

Lunch – onion, courgette, spinach, Turkey mince, cumin. Stunning. (Twice this quantity)

My new method of not eating is frequent dentist appointments where I can’t eat for two hours after (Not a recommended method, but does keep the self control working!)

I went to Lidl today and stocked up on fresh fruit and veg. Look at my overflowing trolley! 

Afternoon snack at kids supper time – a small piece of salmon.

My supper – salmon, rice, carrot ribbons in soy sauce (so delicious)

A really good, in control day.

On school days I am challenged to stay hydrated as once I’m on the school run I’m in the car a lot with limited loo breaks (too much information perhaps?) I have to consciously plan the timings of my drinks and also make sure that once I’m in one place for a while, I do drink enough. I think that not drinking enough this past week probably contributed to not losing much. It’s something to think about, to continue to be conscious of, and to try and plan for. I also find that if I drink enough, I’m not as hungry. Or perhaps I mistake thirst for hunger?