​Recap of plan vs reality

Tonight – grape juice or small glass of wine, matza, chicken thigh (Not leg), roast potatoes, onions, courgette, carrots. I will have one portion and not seconds. Or if I do have seconds, only of vegetables. 

I did have seconds of carrots and onions and they were so yum. Had just the requisite sip of wine.

Breakfast – Grape juice, 2 weetabix and almond milk, plain yoghurt with sweetener, grapes.  – I didn’t have the yoghurt.

I have bought some milk chocolate raisins which I intend to share with the family. It’s a really small bag. – had a small amount and they were yummy. 

NO OTHER NOSH. – Also I had bought some other mini smirk’s (like a kosher snickers), I had I think 5 or 6 tinsy little pieces. And they were also very yummy! I had mentally planned to have them but didn’t remember when I was writing the post, so I didn’t feel like I was off.

Lunch – Challa, salmon, pickles, chicken, salad with beetroot and sweet potato

1 Meringue, grapes – yes to all of that. Grapes of the colours, red were the nicest.

I had bought some small chocolate bars from “The raw chocolate company” for us to sample.  The consensus was that they were very bitter and maybe I’d have the Vanoffe flavour again, but not for 99p for a 22g bar. We shared these bars between the five of us, so only had a few squares each (and I saved the wrappers to show you lovely people).

Shalosh seudos – matza, salad as lunch, salmon, perhaps another meringue with some ice cream. – I didn’t have matza as there weren’t any whole ones in the packet, so I had a wrap instead withsalmon and salad inside. No dessert.

Later after children were in theory in bed I felt like having something else. And I remembered my Mum had brought me stewed apples from her apple tree (how cool that her tree grows stewed apples? 😉 just kidding). She had given them to me saying, “For when you feel like snacking on something on Shabbos.” Thank you Mummy, with a bit of sweetener they were perfect.

Again, having written a plan before Shabbos and knowing that I had to report back on this blog has given me a sense of accountability. Good stuff.

Edit, I accidentally clicked in publish, photos to follow.