Why do I think of musical lyrics for my titles? Who knows this one?

Breakfast- porridge with almond milk

I spent the morning shuttling R&M between school and social activities but with long gaps where I had to be in a Golders Green between taking and collecting. I went to check out the gym near their school that I’ve been considering giving a go.  I like the idea of going straight after dropping them off on the morning and there seem to be various classes that seem that they could work with that idea. It used to be an LA Fitness and is now called Curtis and Staub. I had used the pool there with Groupon vouchers in the past as they have ladies only times. It seems like the timings for ladies only times in the pool now are less than with la fitness and at times that won’t really work for me so well. What I did like was that they offer the option to buy passes as well as a monthly membership, so there is that flexibility.

While I was waiting, I bought salmon cutlets and ate two, along with two crackers. I really wanted protein, these didn’t seem like such a terrible option.

Lunch – tuna burgers (very impressively made by Lovely Husband while I was chauffeuring) with salad. I had more salad than pictured, at least twice, possibly three times as much.

Afternoon snacks – a couple of grapes

My the time the kids had their supper I was so hungry that I decided to have an early supper myself (at 5pm). But this is my method, if I’m hungry, eat proper food, it doesn’t matter that it isn’t officially my supper time.

I had toast with baked beans and mozzarella.

I then just fancied something of a treat nature. I decided to weigh the chocolate raisins and smirk bits and work out the calories. I had 61 kcal of chocolate raisins and 85kcal of smirks (had three pieces pictured not all six). Hardly an enormous amount! But it was what I felt I needed at the time.

I was just thinking that if I were on a diet which said, “You can have 30g of chocolate and no more”, I would fight it, and feel it was impossible. But because I made the choice and the decision was mind internally I don’t feel that rebellious feeling of wanting to eat more.

Very interesting.

Later snack – prunes