Breakfast – the almond milk ran out! Shock horror! So I had porridge with a third almond milk and two thirds full fat milk. I’m sure it wasn’t a deal breaker.

Morning snack – banana

Lunch – salad leaves, beetroot, sweet potato, chicken. Clementines

Afternoon snack – Sharon fruit, scrambled egg (from kids supper)

Supper – brown rice and chicken korma (oh so good, I still haven’t got over hoe for this recipe is. If you haven’t made it yet. Please, for the love of good food, do!

I had a pretty active day, doing lots of walking and stairs on a lovely outing to the Tate Modern with my Mum to see the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition. Thoroughly recommended if you have time before it finishes at the end of October.

I took the above staircase! (As were a few others clearly ignoring the emergency part of the sign) and then later I took two flights of stairs which were more like six.  And then later we walked over a bridge (which involved more stairs).

The theme of the day in my mind wss definitely doing things that maintained a good mental state. It seemed such a luxury to go out on an outing without the children, just me and my Mum. We also meet up with my sister for lunch who works nearby. I had left my house in a mess, knowing my cleaner would come to sort it out. 

Then in the evening I had a phone call from a friend, who was having a difficult situation. In the course of the conversation, we realise she was trying to do too much to try and help one of her children through a particular task, but it was going to be at the expense of everyone else’s sanity, happiness and sleep. Being in the midst of it it was hard for her to see, sometimes seeing a situation from the outside without all the emotional involvement is invaluable. I’ve done my best to stay vague in the circumstance so I hope this still makes some sense.

It made me realise that one of our top priorities much be our mental well-being. What it takes to stay sane is different for different people.  There’s no right or wrong things. It’s about being truly honest with yourself about what is a necessary priority in your life to keep your head on straight. And then making sure that you don’t let less important things rob you of what’s really important.