Breakfast – stewed apples from my parents’ apple tree with sweetener

Morning snack – lots of mini clementines (majority of a 600g bag)

Lunch – rice, sweetcorn, salmon (more salmon than pictured)

Afternoon snack – chicken nuggets and rings from children’s leftovers )-: yes I ate them all. I was too hungry and probably also thirsty. I had another trip to the dentist (don’t have to go back for a month now! Hurray!) And so several hours when i couldn’t eat or drink. Not good.

Supper – meatballs

R was sent home from school, (subdued, bit of a bug, nothing drastic) but I didn’t get to go to my aerobics class. 

R: So why didn’t you go?

Me: I love you more than my aerobics class.

R: But you do love your aerobics class.

Me: True, but I don’t suppose you’d have been so happy when school called, if I’d said, “Sorry I’ll be another hour and a half because I need to go to my aerobics class”

R (grudgingly) : I suppose not

Me: See, I do love you more!

If he’s at school tomorrow, I hope to go do some sort of exercise of an undecided type. Either go to a class at 12 or do a video at home. No commitment here. I’d you have any good fun 45 minute routines you like, please share in the comments below. Always on the lookout for such things. Stay posted for tomorrow’s weigh in. I am really hoping it’ll be good.