Breakfast – weetabix and full fat milk, prunes

Morning grazing while cooking – Bit of beef, biltong, carrot, banana, avocado

Afternoon – small piece of potato concoction (dauphinoise?), porridge with almond milk

Erev Shabbos stress eating – prunes (a surprisingly good chocolate substitute and far healthier than handfuls of chocolate chips), a roast potato

Shabbos plan


Challa, chicken (pargiot – skinless, boneless chicken thighs…. I’m excited), Chantennay carrots, courgette, peppers. I don’t plan to have any potatoes, liqueur (chocolate or toffee caramel, both of which magically appeared in my trolley when I was in kosher kingdom today having not had lunch at 1.30….)


Breakfast – Grape juice, weetabix and almond milk, plain yoghurt with sweetener, orange

Lunch – Challa, salmon, pickles, chicken, salad, potato concoction (I need to note down what I did, because it’s very yummy), dessert… Haven’t really planned, there’s ice cream in the freezer which I’m not very fussed about, might take out some cake and grapes

Ss- matza, salmon or Turkey slices, carrots (peeled in advance), salad

What do you think of my collage of food photos rather than individual ones?
Good shabbos