Wow, nearly day 100. Incredible that I’ve lasted this long already. 

Breakfast – porridge with full fat milk (I bought almond milk in quantity later in the day)

Mid morning – perhaps I needed more calcium, I don’t know. I just felt like I really wanted to eat yoghurt…. So eat yoghurt I did.  I had four vanilla yogurts, and then three slices of cheese, and it really hit the spot. Seemed rather excessive but I am trying to eat according to what I think my body needs (I read somewhere someone calling it Intuitive Eating). I think that this is a really good description of what I’m doing.

Then onto Pilates! Hurray! Even though I hadn’t been all summer I actually felt in really good shape. I was able to do some of the exercises with the harder option, did a long plank, and felt really good afterwards. Even though it was cut short by a phone call from my children’s school which in the interest of my children’s privacy I am not going to share which child did what daft thing to mildly injure themselves (I am so sympathetic), I still felt good for going.

Because I’d had this mega snack, I didn’t really feel hungry for lunch. I had a banana early afternoon, and when I came home with the kids had a courgette, banana chocolate chip cupcake in a moment of hunger and weakness, then with the kids supper at about 5 I had some scrambled eggs and picked at the pasta.

Supper – pitta with scrambled egg, cottage cheese and pickles.