Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snack – carrots (peeled before Shabbos and grabbed to take in the car collect R from school and M from a birthday party)

Lunch – pitta with tuna, salad, carrots

Afternoon snack – prunes
In response to child who said “I didn’t make the mess” and the other child who just acted as though I hadn’t said anything, when asked to tidy up after an afternoon of basically being left to do whatever they wanted….

Two handfuls of chocolate sprinkle things

Then With kids supper- couscous, Turkey viennas, baked beans 

Yesterday I installed an app called “30 day fitness challenge”. It has daily workouts at 3 levels of difficulty, focusing on different parts of the body. I decided to do the full body challenge at medium level. It takes about 8 minutes to do, and is difficult but I could just about do it. I quite like it actually. It has little animations to show you what to do and instructions to do each move correctly.
My kids get super excited when I suggest we do exercise together!  It’s amazing. So we all did day 2 together before their bedtime. They are amazingly fit, it’s incredible.  So we did it and I can’t move now. R said, “Mummy, why are you panting?”, so I said, “Because I was doing it properly!”

Supper – couscous, chicken

Today, it all was going well and then I got stressed out over mess and uncooperative children…. And the food went a bit wrong. A mixed bag really.