(Lovely Husband came up with today’s title and I have made sure to give him the credit)

A running late morning, I made my breakfast before the school run but didn’t get to eat out until I returned. Interestingly I actually was no hungrier than if I had eaten….

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk 

Morning snack – banana, plain yoghurt with sweetener

Lunch – salad leaves with boiled eggs and salt beef (which I warmed up in a frying pan, it was really something else!)

Afternoon snacks – prunes (I must cut down on the prunes).

Inspired by my Mum making cakes, I made a cake which was supposed to be for yom tov, but it kind of fell apart when I took it out of the tin….so I ate some… Oh dear… It was very delicious though).

Supper – carrot and lentil soup and toast

I watched this video of an interview with my previous slimming world consultant Michael Drucker. I recommend watching, or at least from about 7 minutes in where he talks about the potential for renewal and starting over. I thought it was a good message.

I also watched this one recommended by my friend A, of Dr Oz. I like the recommendation that snacks should be smaller than a fist, and the encouragement that losing 10 pounds is a really valuable thing even if you are still large. Twas a bit graphic and cheesy American but still motivating. Thanks for sharing it.

I did day 3 of the fitness app with the kids again, including an attempt to do a push up when H lay down on my back! (Not to be recommended!)