Today is the day before Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, a Day of Atonement, a whole day fast which starts at sunset this evening (just before 6pm), until nightfall tomorrow evening at about 7pm.

So why did I eat so badly this morning? Was it because I knew I’m not eating tomorrow? Was it the stress of thinking ahead to being home with the three kids while my husband is in shul (synagogue) most of the day, while not eating or drinking (and they are)? I am actually fine ideologically with this, just when in the moment, it is challenging.  There are various pics going round WhatsApp.

This one I liked best and have seen before.

Anyway, so food diary wise…

Breakfast – again running late but determined not to actually be late for school. Lovely Husband made me my porridge while I was hurrying along stragglers and I ate it in the car along with a banana.

Then I got home from the school run and I had two hours to make the festive meal before the fast, food for the children for during the fast, tidy up the house, and I kind of froze but ate at the same time. Does that make sense to you? The fallen apart cake beckoned to me…

I didn’t eat all of it. It was really good though. Dark brown sugar is far far too delicious.

Then a packet of crisps that everyone else had turned down…

Then I ate some turkey slices. 

I did make sure I was drinking lots though.

School finished early (12.15), so after collecting the children they had sandwiches and I had a salad of fridge leftovers which wasn’t that appetising (salad leaves, couscous, tuna mayo).

Tonight’s supper will be chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, onion, butternut squash and Challa. 

I think to break the fast we’ll have some of the lentil soup that I made yesterday, or possibly cereal, after the fast I never want much, just lots to drink usually.

Wishing everyone a good year and well over the fast.