Breakfast   porridge with almond milk and an orange

Morning snack  – avocado and cottage cheese

I decided I wasn’t going to go to my Pilates class today and instead was going to do some exercise at home of a more cardio nature. I have a playlist of songs to exercise top and I put them on and danced/did aerobics moves to them. That was about 20 minutes and then I did the next day (Day 4) of the workout from the app, here’s a link to the app I’m using. 30 Day Body Fitness Challenge exercise which took about 10 minutes. I was completely finished! I did text Lovely Husband a photo of me looking wiped out on the floor, with the comment that I’d probably still be there when he came home from work!

What’s interesting is that when I saw the list of what it told me I had to do, I thought, “I can’t do that!” And then I did (Apart from the pushups which I did on my knees, need to build up to that). 

Lunch – quinoa lentil beetroot thing (from a packet, made by Great Foods), sweetcorn, yoghurt with sweetener. I didn’t eat the baked beans because they tasted funny and I think they may have gone off.

I made an attempt at ganache to possibly make truffles as a dessert for Sukkos. I made sure to try it from all angles to check it was ok…. (parev cream, chocolate, caramel liqueur). I also tried a bit later when it had set. Just to make sure of course (tbh I’m not sure it actually has set to the right consistency, but it tastes really good!)

Supper – burgers (mince meat and onions), fried onions and a fried egg. It was awesomely delicious. Felt bad for me even though it wasn’t. I realised because even though I hadn’t had a bun and chips, there is the association. Isn’t that interesting? (Or not, as the case may be!)