The month of Tishrei is so full of festivals, 1-2, Rosh Hashanah, 10- Yom Kippur, 15-23 Sukkos and Shmini Atzeres/Simchas Torah. Plus Shabboses in between them all every day I feel like I’m cooking cooking cooking, buying buying buying, cooking cooking cooking.  Today is Erev Shabbos (day before Shabbos), then it will be shabbos, then that day after is Erev Sukkos (day before Sukkos begins) which is also Lovely Husband’s birthday.  It is a very special time, but I quite fancy just a plain boring sandwich, enough with the fancy meals!!!

Today, breakfast – porridge with almond milk

I went to bed very late what with helping put up the sukkah and various other things, so I was very tired today. Tired I is very not good for self control.  Big bowl of ganache in the fridge is also not good for self control. Add to that that I accidentally left two pans of chicken out overnight and had to chuck them away… the logic was that the chocolate would help wake me up enough to get stuff done and boost me a bit. To be honest, it probably did help!  I also had a handful of popcorners.

A friend had had a similar situation (with ruined food that had been a lot of effort) last week and I saw her this morning as I was going back to the butcher (again). She said, “at least the chicken went in the bin and not you” (I had made a similar comment to her about better her apples had burnt for Rosh Hashanah and not her).  Thinking about that, it is true though. I am not going in the bin, I am not treating myself like rubbish. I am trying my very best to look after myself. Many a true word spoken in jest. 

Late morning snack/early lunch – mashed potatoes

Non scale victory.  I went to return some clothes to Sainsbury’s and had a quick look at what they had in the clothing department. I had been wanting to get some winter boots as I didn’t have any and my trainers were letting in the rain.  I tried on a pair of boots and they did up around my legs without any fuss!!! And then I was able to choose between the different boots and choose the ones I actually liked and not just get the ones that fitted.  Wow.  A small taste of what it must be like to be skinny and just be able to buy wherever clothes you like. That must be such an amazing feeling, to be able to express who you really are through your clothing and not having to make do with what you can find that fits.  That day is still a long way off, but I do like my new boots!

Late afternoon – toffee yoghurt, banana. Crackers, cottage cheese

Until I wrote this post, I had thought today hadn’t actually been such a healthy day. On reflection, it isn’t bad.

Plan for tonight –

Bought wholemeal Challa roll, roast chicken, mashed potato, butternut squash roasted with pumpkin pie spices (c/o brother in law in LA).

Tomorrow… Hmmm… I don’t feel like committing, but I know it works better when I do plan (so says my Mum, who always knows best).


Grape juice, raisin wheats and almond milk. Plain yoghurt and clementine when kids having shabbos party

Lunch – I have put beef shin and carrots in the slow cooker with cumin and coriander, along with potato kugel.  Slight false start on this item when about half an hour ago I opened the fridge and the shelf fell out, breaking off the corner of the slow cooker dish (which was waiting all prepared to be turned on just before Shabbos).  Lovely Husband saved the day when I just stood there in dismay, rinsed it all off, got down a different slow cooker, threw away the broken one. Three cheers for Lovely Husband!

Haven’t properly planned a dessert, there is a bought cake in the freezer which I may take out.

Shalosh seudos – lack of planning is really showing itself…..

Challa, Turkey slices. Leftover chicken, sweetcorn, salad ? 

This tentative plan is better then no plan.

Good shabbos all.