Today we went to Legoland. I was well prepared and took with healthy snacks and meals. Having slipped a bit, going back to eating properly felt like just getting back into my regular routine. I also felt much better for eating better, the previous day I was so tired and I think it was because I ate so much sugar based food. I wish I could just not eat cake. It would be very good for me if I for, but I know I can’t resist it fully.

I walked so much at Legoland, and anyone who’s been there knows it is very hilly.  I had meant to put a pedometer on my phone before I started but even without one, I must have got my 10000 steps in!

breakfast – porridge with almond milk
While making packed lunch, a spoon of egg mayo and a boiled egg

Lunch – egg mayo sandwich on wholemeal bread, carrots

Afternoon snacks – nkd bits

Later – boiled egg, carrots, nkd bits, clementines

Supper – jacket potato with mozzarella cheese and pickles