Friday breakfast – porridge with almond (in the sukkah)

Snack while out grocery shopping – box of raisins

Lunch (way too late, about 2pm, so hungry) 4 (!)shnitzels, ketchup, sweetcorn

Alpro yoghurt

Afternoon while cooking, a handful of chocolate chips

Supper – sip of grape juice, Challa and honey, potatoes cooked in light mayo, chili (with chocolate), chocolate honeycomb for dessert

Shabbos day

Breakfast – grape juice, weetabix, almond milk with a few cheerios and mini shredded wheats.

Shabbos party with kids – a v small piece of vanilla cake, a few quinoa crisps, dried apricots and mango

Lunch – Challa, Turkey leg – cooked in slow cooker with rice, barley, onion, carrot and parsnip, dessert, pumpkin pie and peanut chews

Shalosh seudos – matza, salmon, avocado

For some reason I am craving fish and chips. Lovely Husband suggested getting some a few days ago and we didn’t but the idea of delicious greasy battered cod with chips with salt and vinegar is on my mind! I won’t get a chance to get any, so it’s ok!

Friday was so hectic, I was either cooking or shopping the whole day. Today I kind of crashed, fighting off a cough and cold. Tomorrow is going to be the same, but more, although hopefully I did most of the shopping I needed on Friday, but more meals to make tomorrow so it will potentially balance out. Lots to do, so I’m going to get an early night.