I made a decision to save my sanity and not cook all day today.

The plan had been for Lovely Husband to take the kids over to my parents while I cooked. I felt really rotten last night and I decided I would do what I could, buy the rest and also go and see my parents. It was lovely to see them and to have a few minutes to sit down. Definitely the right decision.

Breakfast – half a Sharon fruit, some dried apricots and toasted chocolate chip Challa with margarine (my friend who came for second day Yom tov lunch brought the Challa with her and we didn’t get to it. It would have been a shame to let it go to waste…)

While I was out buying things I slipped into a bad habit of buying chocolate when feeling tired and under the weather. I also used my old rationalisation of “I can’t decide which one I want, so I’ll buy three”. This is the same rationalisation I used when I was a teenager in the newsagent on the way home from school. Yeah right I was going to save them! But today I ate the smirk (kosher snickers equivalent) and did not eat the encore (Twix) or milk munch (mars).  They made it home and are in the cupboard for me to either eat another time or if I’m feeling especially nice to my family, to share! It’s all about the texture of these things. Is there anything healthy that compares to caramel chocolate bars?

My mum made a lovely spread with lots of healthy options.  I had mushroom quiche and roasted vegetables, Sharon fruit and kiwi, and then a very small amount of delicious apple cake.

Tonight’s supper (shmini atzeres) is bought Challa, roast turkey with roast potatoes, squash, carrots, courgette. I cooked the Turkey thigh with lemon and dried apricots, cumin, coriander, it smells amazing!(raw picture)

Tomorrow we are out for lunch.

Tomorrow night – bought stuffed cabbage with couscous and squash

Simchas torah – I plan to eat before something before I go to shul for the dancing so that I don’t nosh on the rubbish that will be out, but if I do have something I’m going to be picky! It had better be worth it! Lunch will be roast beef (in red wine, the little bit I just tried was so good!) Sliced potato kugel (i.e. not grated but otherwise it is a kugel ingredients), onions, carrots.

These are the cool looking squashes I picked up in Lidl.

Desserts will be Mummy’s apple cake and a bought cake.

Good Yom tov!