I wonder how many times I’ve started a post saying, back on track. (Maybe there’s a search button for some such thing, but I think I’d rather not know). Anyway, after constant yom tov meals for a month today was blessed normality.  Ok, so I had three children home because school starts tomorrow, and Lovely Husband off work with flu like symptoms, but otherwise it was normality!  Hurrah! Regular portion sizes, not having seconds and thirds and dessert, no noshing on rubbish food. Back to healthy, fairly intuitive eating.  I was tempted to do some exercise but then I thought that might be pushing my luck. Don’t want to overdo it!

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Lunch – leftovers, stuffed cabbage, carrots and courgette from the turkey meal, and then a little bit of the Turkey because it was so delicious, and a bit of pumpkin pie (plus another bit not photoed)

Afternoon snack – sharon fruit and plain yoghurt

Supper 1 – early with kids, scrambled egg, sweetcorn, pickles and some pasta not pictured, dried apricots, prunes

Supper 2- wholemeal roll with Turkey, salad leaves and ketchup (gotta use up the leftovers)

That’s all folks.