The clocks changed. I decided with the extra hour before leaving for school (because kids don’t get up an hour later!) we’d do some exercise. While the computer took its time to wake up and install updates I had breakfast. Porridge with almond milk, hurrah!  We then did a really hard 15 minute routine which was basically HIIT.  I thought because it was aimed at kids it would be easy. It was not! R&H didn’t make it to the end but M& I did and I’m really proud of us.  It was a great way to start the day, and as a bonus I even got to have a shower afterwards.

My Mum came to take H while Lovely Husband continued to recuperate and I took R to school and M to her art class. While she was in her class I had a snack of some egg mayo with crackers that we call  air crackers. They are basically made of air! 15 kcal each. I also had some pineapple. I considered buying some peanuts, I think I wanted protein after the exercising! But I was stunned by the calories in a teeny weeny packet.  I’m sure the egg mayo was also really calorific, but it was filling.

Chewy dried banana , yum

M then got delivered to my parents, I then came back to school to get R and take him back there too! Lots of driving.

My Mum, one of my biggest supporters in this journey made such a healthy lunch for us, truly delicious, and perfect autumn food. Roasted vegetables and gefilte fish. Thank you Mummy.

I realise that as the weather’s changed to be cold, my salads are so unappealing. Tomorrow I hope to make a batch of soup. Just onion, carrot, potato probably (because that’s what I’ve got in stock), but please inspire me with what herbs and spices to add to it to make it a bit more interesting.

Afternoon snack, a hard boiled egg.

Then stewed apple, lovingly made by Mummy from the apples in their garden.  I am allergic to raw apples but can have them cooked. Yum yum yum!

Supper was a warm stodgy stir fry with flat noodles, onion, carrot, courgette, cauliflower, chicken.  Making this meal, I cooked about a third of the quantity of noodles I used to.  I used to cook the whole bag for the two of us and instead this was just right.

Tomorrow, please G-d, I’m going to try out a new class. It’s called Ace Fitness and I’m not entirely sure what it is going to be. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Thanks for all your support everyone.