I’m going to try and keep this more focused on just weight loss after yesterday’s diversion. But to just finish the story… I emailed an email of constructive feedback to the organisation this morning and the Chief Executive called me back. She was lovely and apologetic, and genuine and encouraging.  Everything I’d expected yesterday, so we can move on from there.   Thank you to everyone who sent me such supportive messages. 

Lovely Husband seems to be very much on the mend and worked from home today, R still has a bug and threw up again but because LH was home I could at least take the others to school and pick up a few supplies in the shops.
Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Mid/late morning, after returning from school run and grocery shopping – left out M’s bowl of cereal that she barely touched – raisin wheats, full fat milk, banana. And a vanilla alpro pudding.

 Rather than stay out longer shopping I decided I’d make some white bread rolls for R’s lunch.  I had two, one with baked beans and one with a mug of the soup from yesterday.  They were really good. Freshly baked bread, mmmmmmmm.

I had a few of the seeds from the topping mix on their own too. Yum. They felt very much like they must be good for me.

I treated myself to a present and read it this afternoon.  Healthier than biscuits, don’t you think?

Super duper healthy supper of courgette with bolognese.

I put a bit of sweet white wine in the sauce and also tasted a little while cooking, which is totally unlike me, but it was very delicious.  Any more than that though and I’d have felt ill and drunk. I’m such a lightweight (well at least when it comes to drinking!)

Today and tomorrow are Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the month. The kids are allowed to take in special nosh to school. I completely forgot today and forgot to buy anything for tomorrow, so I baked some basic cupcakes for them to take. I purposely made a half batch (5 cakes) and only tried the tiniest amount of mixture.

Then before bed I did day 8 of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge App.
This involved doing 35 bird dog, 10 push up& rotation (which were extremely extremely hard, but I tried some sort of them), 35 step up, 10 burpees (ha! Thank G-d this isn’t a vlog or it would definitely have been a comedy channel laughing at my attempts), 10 incline pushups (which were far more manageable than regular ones), 35 abdominal crunches, 25 second side plank on either side and 18 lunge knee hops on each side.

I think I’ve earned my sleep tonight.