You may have a shock.

I didn’t have porridge for breakfast!

Lovely Husband felt well enough to go to work today. Hurray! Sadly R had been throwing up in the night and so he was still off school today. Very fortunately my MIL is away and lent us her car, so he took H&M to school while I stayed at home with R.  I had this corker of a breakfast.

Stewed apples. C/o my Mum (the stock is now finished. Hint hint).

Followed by…

Fried kale in garlic olive oil spray, with a fried egg.  I can’t believe how healthy this meal was, and how afterwards I felt really satisfied.

My Wonderful Mummy came to be with R while I went to the dentist, for the continued cracked tooth saga, and she even brought me lunch for afterwards.  

Lentil bake, barley and red cabbage. Yum yum.

I also had the last bit of soup from yesterday with quite a lot of rice (cooked for the ill child, but he can share).

Afternoon Snacks- I felt really hungry this afternoon, maybe because I was up in the night with R. But I stuck to my plan and ate mostly “Real Food”. No processed rubbish. Real things to fill me up and nourish my body. So, OK I did have one of the cupcakes (plain vanilla, no icing), but then also an alpro vanilla pudding, some prunes, an avocado, a banana.
Supper – I had plans of a stir fry because I’d defrosted some chicken breasts but I was too tired. So I just microwaved some babycorn and cooked the chicken in the griddle pan with a random selection of herbs. I added a blob of ketchup after the photo.

Then I did day 9 of the app.  I’ve realised that although I find them hard, I can do most of the moves required and my stamina is increasing. However, I just can’t do push ups. I kind of go up and down a tiny bit and that is hard enough.  So, a new goal is to be able to do push-ups properly.  I googled a bit and found this YouTube video.  He suggests a gradual approach to build up to full push-ups, starting with wall push-ups. When you can do 2 sets of 50, you move onto knee push-ups then half then full.  Looking at the video, wall push-ups looked fairly easy. Well, I managed 20.  I think I have a way to go!!!

Night night all,