Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snacks – carrots when cooking

Lunch –  tomato soup with crackers

Afternoon – I wanted to say I had a bowl of melted chocolate and didn’t even lick the spoon.  I was visualising typing it and getting your praise.

Looks good doesn’t it?

But I did lick the spoon. So I couldn’t tell you that!  I was very restrained and didn’t have loads but a little lick. 

I also had a few roast potatoes

Shabbos plan 

Tonight – home made wholemeal Challa, rice, roast potatoes, beef stew (beef, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, peppers, aubergine, cumin, cinnamon – can you imagine how good this smells?)  


Breakfast – grape juice, weetabix with almond milk

Lunch – Challa, chicken, mix of bulgar wheat and couscous, roasted carrots, dessert chocolate mousse

Shalosh seudos – not sure, probably matza and chicken and/or avocado
I think that whatever is going on tomorrow, I need to leave the house to go for a walk at some point, just to get out and have moved a little bit.  

I’m sure I’ll eat more than I’ve got in that  plan but it is a helpful start.

A quick note about a 30 day weight-loss challenge over at Bellisima Fitness.  I thought I’d try and give it a go. The app I’ve been using, I’m carrying on with but not doing it every day.  Her challenge seems shorter and more achievable to try and actually do according to her timetable.  I put the plan into a chart which I found easier to follow.  
I managed to do day 1 of that today and it only took a few minutes.

The chart can be found here as a word document or here as a pdf.

Good shabbos all