It went mostly to plan.  I did nosh too much in the morning and probably had larger portions at the meals than was strictly necessary, but not out of control.

Breakfast – grape juice, weetabix with almond milk, stewed apple

Nosh – crisps, ice cream cones (without ice cream), small chocolate drops, small bits of a biscuit my children wanted to share with me, dried banana this whole thing was unnecessary but because I hadn’t been able to get to the shops because R has been ill I hadn’t thought ahead to plan something nice for myself. I need to think what I can have that is suitably treat like next week, but isn’t too calorific. Suggestions please?

I walked to meet LH from after shul Ang even though it was only a short walk, having left the house and walked around the corner was very helpful for making the rest of the day go well.

Lunch –  Challa, chicken, bulgar wheat, couscous, carrots, chocolate mousse – very restrained only one portion

Shalosh seudos – wrap with avocado and chicken

Melavah malka – I did day 2 of Belissima’s 30 day challengev which was a good warm up for then day 12 of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge App. The number of reps for the app workout have really gone up! 

Fyi I could do that long a plank, especially not after all the other exercises, my arms were just too tired.  I did it on my knees instead.

I had a wonderful cheerleader in the form of Lovely Husband who was so encouraging when I was saying it was too hard and I couldn’t do it.  I may hire him out as (aside from the occasional unhelpful joke while your legs are burning and you feel like dying) he is really a great person to have along side you while working out.