Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snack – most of a packet of cheese

Lunch – kanteen in brent cross, noodles with salmon and veg

Supper – mug of carrot and lentil soup

After some encouragement, I did the next day of the app. Every day the number of reps gets higher and higher and I think, “I don’t think I can do that.” So I’m almost nervous to try, but I’m putting quite a lot of faith into this process, that it is a gradual increase and that in theory I should therefore be able to do it. So I do.

I’m not doing them amazingly fast or well, but I’m making the effort.

Sorry Bellisima, I’ve stopped doing your challenge as well. One at a time is enough.

My food doesn’t seem like much but I can’t remember having anything else.

Not a bad day all in all.