Do you ever have hungry days? Where you eat the same but it just doesn’t fill you up? That’s how I felt at lunchtime today.

I had porridge with almond milk, and an orange for breakfast.

Then for lunch I was just so hungry.  Everything I ate was healthy, real food, but in large quantities!

I started with salmon, sweetcorn and avocado

I then had a second piece of salmon, and a yoghurt and a half, and some kiwi berries (which are just the most awesome things, get thee to Lidl straight away)

Then a mug of soup

Then a bowl of wholemeal couscous.

I was just really hungry. 

I also tried a meatball for supper.

But then no afternoon snacks.

For supper, couscous with meatballs which had chickpeas in the sauce (I thought it was a tin of tomatoes and only realised once I’d opened it, so figured, why not just throw it in too?)

End of hungry day.