I feel like not having written the blog I’ve been bunking! Well I’m back now!

Friday (135) to Sunday (137) were really busy. It was a short Friday with shabbos coming in at 4pm.   Then Shabbos. To be part of Shabbat UK and the worldwide Shabbos Project,  we made a brocha party in the afternoon, which was really lovely and I resisted the nosh very well.  Then after shabbos went out, we had family over from America and we got a takeaway.  I had healthy options of grilled chicken, rice and grilled veg, but then I did partake in some chocolate brownie.
Sunday was the usual rushing R to school, M to art class, oh and having a plumber over dealing with a blocked drain. Then my wonderful parents had the children while LH and I took down the sukkah.  Unfortunately the chocolate brownies were still in the kitchen and I found myself dipping in repeatedly.

Yesterday, Monday (138), I buckled back down. For breakfast I had porridge with full fat milk, and mango. 

In the morning I did some planting.  I always feel that we can learn so much from how things grow.  The bulbs I planted yesterday look like nothing much now, but give them time and my front garden will bloom pG with masses of beautiful flowers for months on end. A little time, effort and preparation gives amazing results in the long run, even when the immediate effects seem minimal.

 Lunch – sweet potato, cottage cheese (double that in photo) and pickles, mango and yoghurt.

Afternoon, at kids supper time, some toast potatoes and scrambled egg.

Supper – roast potatoes and scrambled egg

I started doing the next day of the app but I started too late in the evening and I stopped midway. I did 60 squats, 16 triceps dips and 60 bird dogs, but then the rest seemed overwhelming. I felt unmotivated to keep pushing myself, and the number of reps I knew were coming made me think I didn’t want to. This was what was meant to be the rest of the workout.  I plan to do it another day starting earlier in the day when I’m not so tired.

Since I’d got changed into my exercising clothes I felt like I aught to do something though.  I own one aerobics DVD, “Tony Stone’s Hip-hop workout” that I bought when I was at university.  My very frum housemate and I used to occasionally do it together, it was very amusing if you can try and picture two religious girls doing a hip-hop workout in a little lounge in Leeds. So I decided to get it out and then after the 15 minute warm up finished, the phone rang. By the end of the call I’d lost momentum and it was really getting pretty late, so I called it a day.