Having the time to prioritise weight loss and getting fit is key.  Today, my Wonderful Mum offered to collect the children from school. That meant that Lovely Husband could take them to school and I could stay at home, do the Shabbos cooking, and have an extra two hours on my Friday where I didn’t have to drive from Edgware to Golders Green and back twice between 8am and 1pm.

Two hours is such a long time to suddenly have at your disposal!!

As a result, after doing all the cooking, I did day 14 of the 30 day fitness challenge app! Yey! Go me! And had a shower before everyone got home.  

As the app is going on, the number of reps are increasing, which obviously means it takes a LOT longer to do. It took at least half an hour. But this is what I did.

I did not do a 75s plank. I did three 15s planks, then 30s half plank (on knees) then 15s half plank.

I feel I’m getting stronger and fitter. But now looking in the mirror, the spare tyre round my centre looks just as big as ever. Give it time Simcha, and effort, and it will go. One day, I’m going to look in the mirror and see a slim, trim Simcha looking back at me.
Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning, small tastes of Apple crumble topping and “Don’t tell the children” chocolate cake.

Lunch – piece of dtlc cake, tuna sandwich with pickles and salad,

Afternoon – taste of tonight’s meat, which was bitter and terrible so I have added brown sugar to it. I don’t normally do this, but it really didn’t taste good. I hope this will have improved it. A piece of gefilte fish, a little more cake, another taste of the meat which is edible if not amazing.

Shabbos plan

Tonight – Challa, fairy steaks with orange and onions (and sugar!), bulgar wheat, carrots, Apple crumble

Tomorrow – 

Breakfast – grape juice, matza, cottage cheese, fruit

A bag of popcorners, 2 bitesize mini munches

Lunch – Challa, gefilte fish, salad. Chicken, potato kugel, roasted carrots, DTLC cake.