Shabbos in terms of food was pretty much as planned although I did indulge more in the morning than I planned, but not excessively. M was hit with a tummy bug and was throwing up on and off all day.  You may have picked up from my previous posts that I struggle when kids are ill and I’m stuck at home with them.

Breakfast – grape juice, matza, cottage cheese

8 mini milk munchs (210kcal) some crisps, a bag of popcorners, a few chocolate chips, a clementine, mixed seeds.

Lunch – Challa, one slice of gefilte fish, ketchup, a chicken breast, two pieces of delicious potato kugel (even if I say so myself), lots of roasted carrots, a piece of cake. A drop of chocolate liqueur.

I went on a brisk 30 minute walk to deliver R to a friend’s house (and get back in time for LH to get out in time for shul).

On returning to a still throwing up M, I didn’t have anything else to eat. After Shabbos went out I did have a bit more cake and a bowl of porridge, and some more mixed seeds which I’m a little obsessed with at the moment.

I’m imagining that there is a broken night ahead of me being woken up to deal with sick. Oh joy.