Breakfast – porridge with almond milk
Morning snack while getting packed lunches ready, pasta

A piece of Don’t Tell The Children Cake

Lunch – salad – mixed greens, pasta, sweetcorn,  cucumber

Afternoon – clementine

Supper – bowl of veg soup. Courgette, carrot and salmon stir fry

My kids are on half term until Wednesday and today together with my Wonderful Parents, we went to the science museum to see the new “Wonderlab“, which has replaced Launchpad.  Aside from there now being an entrance cost to that part of the museum, it is really superb and was enjoyed by the full age range of our party (3-66).  Totally tired out the kids and me too! I’m off to crash!

(Dry ice in water)

The table where chemistry experiments took place – a real periodic table!

I was very proud of myself for  building an impressive cantilever bridge. It was harder than it looks.