Today we went to London Zoo.  We were on our feet nearly the whole time we were there from about 11am- 4pm.   According to the pedometer on my Dad’s phone we walked over 10000 steps! He’s got longer legs than me, so I must have done even more steps!   Even though it was mostly at slow child pace, it still is activity.

Food was all very on track too.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

While getting packed lunches ready – a tiny taste of cream cheese and peanut butter (Not together), and noodles

Lunch – noodles with sesame oil and soy sauce with stir fry carrot, courgette and babycorn

Afternoon snack – prunes.
Later snack while kids eating their packed supper – a few animal biscuits, a Sharon fruit, mixed seeds

Supper – rice with vegetarian bolognese and light grated cheese.

I really enjoyed all the meals I had today. They seemed almost decadent, because I enjoyed them so much. But they were all so healthy! By making making healthy foods a priority, I feel like I am treating myself. None of the foods I had today actually took that long to put together, but they hit the spot.