Today’s half term activity was making smiley face biscuits. I managed to make this fill most of the day, and ate only minimal ingredients along the way. Then this evening I was invited to a “dessert buffet” for a friend’s son’s bar mitzvah. I genuinely didn’t feel the desire to eat anything there. 1. I was full from supper, 2. I knew that even though it all looked beautiful, it wouldn’t actually taste that good 3. It was really late and I’m not good with evenings and I really just wanted to go home to sleep once I’d shown my face.  It was interesting to me to note as I walked home that several skinny people who weren’t eating themselves attempted to get me to eat something. Why? Because they see me as fat and so therefore I’d automatically be making the most of the abundant delicacies? Very curious to realise. Anyway, I really don’t do evenings and it’s really late and there is school tomorrow. I must sleep. So so vital to function well.

Breakfast -porridge with almond milk

Morning- seeds, clementine, biscuit dough

Lunch – potato, veggie Bolognese, cheese, yoghurt with sweetener

Afternoon – avocado,  a few crumbs of biscuit (as shared from children, so genuinely crumbs), a spoon of melted chocolate

Supper- toast, eggs, sweetcorn, kiwis, half a smiley face biscuit.

At the bar mitzvah – a few pieces of kiwi, but didn’t finish the container.